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Drag queen, host and dj

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I really enjoy moderating and producing shows. I have more interaction with the audience and we pump each other up. When it comes to performing I like energetic and sexy songs. I'm not your serious Drag Queen as my purpose is to make everyone have as much fun as they can during a show, even if I have to be the clown!

Gizela for LUI Magazine

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Gizela Kova is a Spanish Drag Queen with roots in Puerto Rico and Spain who serves as a Performer, Host, DJ and Musical Artist. Gizela has been producing Drag Show, Events and Brunches in Prague since 2018 while also performing all over the world.

Gizela Kova started as a Drag Performer back in 2017 and identifies as male and is not transgender; only dressing up when performing as Gizela.

Since 2018 Gizela has become one of the most prominent names in the Czech LGBTQIA+ Drag scene by always keeping true to him/herself and focusing on delivering a unique entertainment experience for those in the audience.



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