HoliSlay Drag Show

The Christmas Queens of 2021 features a variety of local and foreign Drag entertainers — and brings them together for a jam packed three-hour holiday spectacular unlike any other.

Line up includes Gizela Kova, Dima Arrest, Cookie Kunty, Priscilla the Queen, Ingrid Proxima Torque, Malikaaa , Janny Jill, Ivory Divine, Tiffany Diamond, Taura Nark, Cassiopeia, Melancholia Blackbile, Fatale Vanity, Miss BlackTail and Sister Mary Whatever.

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VIP Pass

A private area on the second level with a bar, comfortable couches and tables overlooking the entire venue. Fast lane entry included. VIP Gold includes a Christmas Queens T-shirt as well.
Ticket Price: 550-800 kc


Table/Booth Tickets

A private area on the main level with comfortable seating and a table with dedicated fast lane entry. Tables are for up to 4 guests and Booths are for up to 6 guests.
Ticket Price: 1,400kc - 2,400kc


General Admission

Non-reserved standing area on the main floor. One bar is located in the main room with a second bar located in the back foyer. Seating is available in the foyer for relaxing. However please know the foyer is a separate room and has no visibility to the stage.
Ticket Price: 275kc - 500kc

Distrikt 7,
Veletržní 61, 170 00 Praha 7-Holešovice, Czechia