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Drag Shows & Entertainment in Prague

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PurpleKai feat.

Gizela Kova, Priscilla & Proxima


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Prague Travesti Show

Travesti Show Praha

Tickets to Drag Show

Drag Show Tickets

Prague Drag Queen Show

Prague Drag Queen Tickets

Gizela Kova Tickets

Gizela Kova Show

Gizela Kova Drag Show

Dima Arrest Drag Show

Dima Arrest Drag Queen

Proxima Torque Drag Queen

Malikaaa Drag Queen

Priscilla Drag Queen

Metaxa Drag Queen

Fatale Vanity Drag Queen

Annie Backer Drag Queen

Drag Show Czech Republic

Czechia Drag Show

Czechia Travesti Show

Prague Pride Drag Show

Queens of Prague

Queens of Praha

Drag Brunch Czech Republic

Drag Brunch Prague

Drag Queens of Prague

Drag Queens of Praha

Gizela Kova Singer

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Rupaul Drag Show Prague

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The Haus of Kova produces multiple shows throughout the year in Prague. Since 2017, the Haus of Kova has been bringing the fiercest Drag Shows to the local Czech community; featuring some of the best local and foreign talent.

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